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Lawyers Concerned For Lawyers – Massachusetts’ Lawyer Assistance Program.Resources, supports, groups, referrals, more. Rodney Dowell, Esq. is the Executive Director and can be contacted at

O’Connor Professional Group – helping individuals and families navigate the complex and often scary world of mental health, substance abuse and dependence, and eating disorders. Arden O’Connor leads a compassionate staff of clinicians and case mangers that really know their stuff. She can be contacted at

AdCare Boston – Helping individuals and their families overcome the disease of addiction. A large variety of programs, options and levels of care. Facilities in Boston and Worcester.

Gosnold – Gosnoldon Cape Cod treats addiction as a chronic disease that requires life-long management, and is often complicated by other medical, emotional and situational conditions. Offering a variety of programs, options, and levels of care.

Sierra Tucson – A premier residential treatment center, The Sierra Model® is world-renowned for the treatment of addictions, depression, anxiety, pain, trauma, and co-occurring disorders. Contact Lisa Sarno at


Lawyers and Mental Health – An excellent and thorough review of common mental health issues faced by lawyers, published by the Alabama Bar.

Law Students and Lawyers with Mental Health and Substance Abuse Problems: Protecting the Public and the Individual – An Abstract of a study from the University of Louisville, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law examining the prevalence of substance abuse and depression among lawyers and law students with several innovative public policy suggestions.

Lawyers and Mental Illness – The Depression Demon Coming Out Of The Closet – A blog post by Ronda Muir, Esq. examining depression among lawyers and providing resources including,

“A Terrible Melancholy: Depression in the Legal Profession” – A video from the Erie County Bar Association addressing often hidden depression among lawyers and the stigma of getting help.



Massachusetts Law About Mental Health Issues – From the Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries, an overview of mental health related laws in Massachusetts.


Mental Health Break: The Lawyers Coloring Book – From, a fun and funny look at the lawyer life.