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Work/Life Balance

Balance is usually not a term modern people use to describe their packed and hectic lives. It can be a huge challenge to meet the demands of each day as new things arise and create incredibly complex and shifting circumstances. A sense of accomplishment comes with making it through to the end of the day and we have little energy left over to consider the bigger picture, much less do all of the other things that might bring us more balance.

Unfortunately, the daily struggle often leads to a myopic viewpoint that shuts out anything deemed unnecessary, or at least, expendable. To our detriment, we place our health, mental and emotional wellbeing and happiness behind our commitments to work and career in an unhealthy spiral that leads inevitably to burnout.

In losing the forest for the trees, we ignore the fact that exercising everyday, while somewhat time consuming, will make us more productive and efficient at work and lead to better work produced. With a few key changes in perspective and behavior, we can begin to restore big picture balance without jeopardizing hard earned career and work gains.