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Divorce Coaching

The process of divorce is unpleasant by its very nature. And while little can be done to make the process better, a lot can and must be done to not make it any worse. Sadly, many couples do not see the mutual benefits of handling the process with a spirit of compromise and conflict resolution. Instead, understandable (and often justified) emotions of anger, spite, and most of all hurt, tend to take over.  The process becomes unmanageable and unbearable.

Because of our unique legal and business background, we can help make the divorce process go more smoothly by providing assistance with negotiating conflict, presentation to courts, judges, mediators or GALs (guardians ad litem), or just working through the logistics of the family’s huge transition. We can provide concrete solution oriented non-legal advice regarding strategy and the best ways to protect yourself and get what you need out of the process.